Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome to my blog. I'm exhausted.

Hi! My name is Quincy, welcome to my blog. As you can tell by my picture, I'm a dog.  A Golden Retriever to be exact. I decided to start a blog because I always see my master typing on his computer to his friends and it looked fun. So, I had him set me up. You should see the size of my keyboard. It takes up the whole floor in the family room. 

Anyway, I thought I'd start my own blog to tell you a little about what it's like to be a dog. Or, just me. I really don't know what other dogs do. But, if you have any questions about dogs, let me know. I'll be happy to answer them. Just give me a couple of days to recover. I'm very tired. My family took me to Tucker Pups to play today. It was a lot of fun. Lot's of new smells and plenty of toys. This was the first time I've been there. I think I might be going back soon though. I hear my family talking about some place called Disney all the time. I have a feeling I'm not going along. 

Let's get to my first question. It's from Mike, my male master. (I use that term just to be nice. He brings me food, cleans up my poop, and takes me for walks. Who is the real master?) He asks, "Why do dogs, at least you, like to eat crayons?

Well, Mike, when I first did it I was a small puppy and I was curious by the smell. They smelled a little bit like food, so I tried one. It wasn't bad, but I like my treats you give me much better. I just keep eating them now because it makes my poop multi-colored. I think that is neat. I'm just a dog, you know? Plus, it freaks out the squirrels. They think I'm some kind of magic dog since I can make colors come out of my butt. 

That's all for today. Remember, be nice to your pets! I need another nap.