Monday, June 1, 2009

The dog's of "UP"

I didn't get to see UP with the family this weekend. For some reason they don't let dogs in the movie theaters. What do they think I'm going to do, eat peoples popcorn and candy? Okay, maybe I would, but that's still not a reason to not let me see a movie that has talking dogs. 

I've seen the commercial many times at home, and the kids have watched the trailer on the computer as well. I think Mike was more interesting in watching the trailer than the kids were, but he's just a big kid sometimes. I liked the idea of the talking dogs in the movie, but I wish they came to me first. I don't think the dogs thoughts were all that accurate. 

See, we don't constantly think about how much we love our masters. Most of the times we are thinking about food or what that particular smell is and where it's coming from. And we aren't that fixated on squirrels. Cats, yes, but not so much squirrels. Besides, are there many squirrels in the forests of South America? How did those dogs even know what a squirrel was? 

See, this is why movies need to have more technical advisers. I'm sure they talked to people of rain forests and dirigibles, but did they bother trying to find out what a dog really thinks about? No. 

Would I like to have one of those collars to communicate with humans? I don't think so. It's much more fun to listen to them talk to me like fools trying to figure out what I want. "Want to go out? Want some water? Need to go potty? What? What do you want?! I'm trying to watch TV here?!" 

Another fun thing is to walk to the door and have someone open the door for me and ask me if I want to go outside. Then I just stand there and drive them crazy while I stand half-in and half-out of the door. If I had a collar I'd have to tell them that I just want to see if anything interesting is outside. What fun is there in that? 

So, no, I wouldn't want one of the collars. Also, I'd like the next movie with talking dogs to contact me before making us look silly. 

Now I need to go and pretend like I need something. 


  1. Hi Quincy!

    I have to disagree with you about squirrels - stalking squirrels and rabbits are my favorite outdoor activities. Now, if Mommy would just let me off that leash so I could chase them...If I had one of those talking collars, I'd tell her that.

    Your friend,

  2. Hey Gypsy! Thanks for coming by. Yeah, squirrels are fun and all, we just have so many around here that I'm bored with them. I like to look for the skunks, but the stink!


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